“‘Weekend?’ What is a ‘Weekend'”

A weekend is when Downton Abbey comes on. Specifically, Sunday night, 8 PM Central Time.

I fell hard last year for Downton Abbey when the first series came on Masterpiece Theater. What was there not to love? Here’s a list:

1. The clothes: gorgeous! My favorite years for clothing are the late ‘teens, but in Downton I really prefer the 1st season, pre-war, clothes. My favorite Downton outfit: Sybil’s harem pants.

Sybil's harem pants.

2. The history: So, yes, not everything is probably historically accurate. But I love that the story spans the whole decade, unlike many other movies that take place in this decade. It seems that the movie industry thinks the 1910s is either war (which Downton does use as a plot device, but it remains rooted in the homefront) or Titanic. Anne can attest to my coldness for Titanic.

I have an extreme love for Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay). Such a great spirit. I kind of associate myself with her.

3. The meanies: They’ve become some of my favorite characters. I think it’s because they’re so real, and, in O’Brien’s case, trying to redeem themselves in series 2.

Thomas and O'Brien will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, Vulture has the best paper dolls of the cast.

4. Last, but not least, the Dowager Countess’ quotes: Maggie Smith is the greatest person ever. I thought this before Downton and I will think this long after Downton ends.


Oh, how I adore you!

Now, to wait for Sunday and the Christmas special!