Attack of the Hedgebooboo’s

I don’t know quite when it started, but sometime in my life I started calling my mum Hedgebooboo. I know that I was a strange kid, I can’t deny it. I wasn’t the creepy kid (at least I hope not, Eli tell me I’m right), but I had my own times of rather unusual kid behavior. Hedgebooboo was something that grew out of my childhood and has stuck with my mother ever since. I don’t know what she thinks of the moniker, but I suspect that she doesn’t mind mainly because I get little hedgehog or squirrel figurines for Christmas every year (that was her name for me.) This years gift was an adorable little figurine that makes me wish that I had a working camera so I can show you it. However, since the only picture taking device I have is my computer and I refuse to use web cam photos I can do the second best thing and reveal my favorite hedgehog related items.

I really want these. I think that I may ask my Dad to make something like this, they seem like soemthing that he could make. I embroider a great deal and my thread is a tangled mess.

This necklace is something that I would like to make a copy of. It seems simple enough that I could handle it without messing up a ton.

This little guy just caught my eye and I think that I would like to make a hair clip out of something like this.

A vintage page from my favorite Beatrix Potter story, "Mrs. TiggyWinkle" I just love her spunk.

Pictures come from the Etsy shops: Gigglesnortsociety, Asecinc, Polarity and The Vintage Read. I have to say I love Etsy I just wish I could afford to buy more things from it.