A Hello

This is the first post on Tulip and Thistle. Anne and I decided that for this post I would introduce the two of us and what we hope to accomplish with this blog.

Hello, I’m Elizabeth. I’m a journalism/history student in Wisconsin. I’ll be posting on Fridays. I know I want to post a lot about vintage fashion, photography and sewing. I’m hoping to use this blog as an excuse to get more into sewing, as I haven’t really sewn in over a year (I blame classes).

Anne is the other poster on this blog. We have been friends since we were 6 years old and I’m surprised that we haven’t started a blog. I’m sure Anne will take a moment to tell you about herself when she gets to posting on Tuesday.

And, since just a hello is boring, I’ll leave you with some photos of mine.

I love these powder puff girls of my mom's. The one with the hat reminds me of a Paul Poirot design.


I shouldn't have looked at this. It makes me long for sunny days and flowers