Babies and Bullets

Hello again,

I know I’ve been gone for a while, but yes as Eli says I have been on spring break and relaxing. Well as relaxing as life can ever be.

First things first, I’ve been accepted to the University of Eau Claire! I know Elizabeth will get a little mad that I didn’t tell her directly, but here it is. I’m going to Eau Claire next year. I find that it is good timing since three of my history professors are leaving at the end of the semester and that is just three too many.

Anyway my vacation wasn’t as relaxing as I wanted it to be for two reasons, the first is that my cousin had her twins… three months early. They are beautiful twin boys, but at this time they will be at the Children’s Hospital in the Twin Cities until June. The twins were respectably 1 lb 6oz and 2lb’s each and the smaller of the two has an air pocket in his lung that is worrying. Her is a picture of one of them. There isn’t that many since their parents are more worried about survival than good picture taking, for obvious reasons.

This is a picture of the larger twin, along with the heading picture and the follow picture is of the smaller of the two.

However, my vacation wasn’t spent completely worrying over two very cute babies. I had homework to do and an Elizabeth to catch up with. My homework was not appreciated. I had to write a ten page paper on six films centered around the Cold War and the Vietnam War. There was a diverse collection containing, Dr. Strangelove, The Green Berets, Apocalypse Now, Rambo II, Platoon, and Red Dawn. I personally had the most trouble watching Apocalypse Now, since in incorporated more of war, which I cannot stand to watch. I almost got sick.

I did have a good vacation despite the horror that I saw in the movie and I’m glad to be back.

Anyway you have to love Dr. Strangelove and it’s satire on Atomic Weapon’s use and the dangers of war.


It’s been a busy week. Monday I started a new semester, with 18 credits and an internship at the school newspaper, so it’s going to be a busy four months. Because this week has been so busy I really didn’t have time to think of a good post for this week. Instead, I’m going to give you a little inspiration board that I put together of all the things that have inspired me this week. Some of these looks I’ve been coveting for a while, actually, and I will continue to covet them. Direct links in the photos.

1. I really like the chalked hair look. I’ve seen it over on Pinterest and really have wanted to try it, but I could never get it to work. I figured that it could be that I just have really dark hair and it’s a look that only those with light hair can do. The Beauty Department has some nice tips for both light and dark hair, so I think this weekend I’ll be trying this out.


This illustration makes me happy. It’s so expressive and detailed. It almost reminds me of a writer in 1950s New York or Paris. I think what makes me also happy about this illustration is that it’s supposed to be a real person, but it looks as though he’s a character in a book, and that makes me want to write.


Valentine’s Day is nigh! I was never excited about Valentine’s before, usually because there’s always the stigma that you have to have a significant other during the holiday. But what is more fun than having a significant other during this holiday? Having friends to do crazy things with! The staff at the school newspaper are trading valentines, and since I have found any at Target that I like (other than Star Wars), I’m going to make my own. I thought that these book marks from The Cheese Thief were cute, and there’s a lot of origami over there, too.

4. Calivintage is a recent find of mine. Seeing as I love vintage and vintage-esque clothing I really like this site. I’m loving the stripes on that dress, mixed with the plaid shirt. This looks like an outfit I would want to wear during the fall. Fall…so much better than snow.

5. And finally, bright lipstick and blue lace. J’adore. Awhile back I bought possibly the brightest pink Covergirl lipstick. I’ve only worn it a couple of times, but there is no denying my love for it. I think the reason I don’t wear it more often is because I don’t know what to wear it with. This is how you do bright pink lipstick.