Summer Days

Now that summer may actually be in full swing for most people, I’d like to talk a little about my goals for this summer. I’m excited for this summer. Once I’m done with the mass media ethics class I’m taking I’m hoping on volunteering more at the local museum, where I mostly volunteer as a soda jerk. It’s lots of fun, but on slow days I have to make sure that I bring something to read or write.

Besides my class and my volunteer job, I have a lot planned that I want to do this summer. Should we start with my reading goals?

Here’s four books off of my reading list. I’ve managed to make it through two other books. Lots to go!

My big reading list book is Ulysses. I’ve read a lot of James Joyce’s short stories, but only read the first two pages of Ulysses before this. I think I may have grown into this book now, as opposed to when I was 17. Have any of you read Ulysses? What did you think?

I have a lot of mysteries on my reading list this summer. It’s one of my favorite genre of books. Elizabeth Peters and her Amelia Peabody series are great.

And then I have my sewing projects. I’m currently working on a pair of short. The pattern is from the 1970s, but I think they have a 1950s style to them.

The shorts pattern cover and fabric. I think this print is just great. Who else has shorts like that?

I’m currently just basting together the patterned fabric and the lining, but I’m hoping that this weekend I’ll be able to work some more on them.

My other sewing projects include a lovely 1952 blouse that I got at our gigantic antique store in Eau Claire. It looks simple enough to make, so I might be doing that once I get my shorts finished. I also have a 1912 themed party that I’ll be attending in late July, and even though I have a 1912 dinner dress that my mom made me a long time ago, I want sew up something for that party.

A mood board of what I’m thinking of sewing for a 1912 themed murder mystery party. 1 and 2 from OMG That Dress, 3 from Mothic Flights and Flutterings

I’m partial to the Irene Castle dress. It may be the fact that it looks so much more cooler and comfortable than the other two. I’m not sure if my friend has air conditioning at his house, so it might be in my best interest to go with something with not sleeves to stay cool. My guess is deciding on a costume will be a lot easier once I get my character.

I’m working as much as possible on my writing this summer.

And finally, there’s writing. I’m currently working on what is supposed to be my historical mystery novel. It’s chugging along better than I had planned, which makes me happy. Other than this, I do want to do some family research and interview my grandpa and grandma. I think a written family history would be great, especially with the stories that my grandparents tell. I also have a couple ideas for scripts floating around, so I might have to do some outlining of those this summer.

I’m excited for the rest of this summer, and even though I’d love to be back at UW-Eau Claire, I don’t want July and August to  go by too fast.


Being a Bossypants

Can you tell what book I’m reading?

Yep! Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I’ve been wanting to read this book since it came out. Mostly because I’ve always identified with Tina Fey. Although I’m probably not as funny as her.


But as I get more into the book, the more I’m affirmed in my identification with Tina Fey. She talks about her child-size Colonial lady outfit. Had one of those. A college relationship with a guy that wanted to keep the relationship a secret. Had a highschool relationship like that. “I think it was closer to the truth that he was just a control freak…” she said. “Control freak” what an appropriate phrase (if you don’t believe me, ask Anne).

Those are just some examples. But let’s look at why I love Tina Fey in a different way. Her success. How many women are as acknowledged in the comedy world as she is? Not very many.  And she doesn’t write/act/whatever the silly dumb female characters. Partly because I believe she doesn’t think that’s what make female characters funny. Just because you’re smart doesn’t make you serious and unfunny. Just like if you like fashion it doesn’t make you dumb (but that’s a whole other megillah).

My love for Tina Fey isn’t something that’s new. It actually started at around 10, when I started watching Saturday Night Live, there was just something about the funny, smart lady doing the satrical news.

Attack of the Hedgebooboo’s

I don’t know quite when it started, but sometime in my life I started calling my mum Hedgebooboo. I know that I was a strange kid, I can’t deny it. I wasn’t the creepy kid (at least I hope not, Eli tell me I’m right), but I had my own times of rather unusual kid behavior. Hedgebooboo was something that grew out of my childhood and has stuck with my mother ever since. I don’t know what she thinks of the moniker, but I suspect that she doesn’t mind mainly because I get little hedgehog or squirrel figurines for Christmas every year (that was her name for me.) This years gift was an adorable little figurine that makes me wish that I had a working camera so I can show you it. However, since the only picture taking device I have is my computer and I refuse to use web cam photos I can do the second best thing and reveal my favorite hedgehog related items.

I really want these. I think that I may ask my Dad to make something like this, they seem like soemthing that he could make. I embroider a great deal and my thread is a tangled mess.

This necklace is something that I would like to make a copy of. It seems simple enough that I could handle it without messing up a ton.

This little guy just caught my eye and I think that I would like to make a hair clip out of something like this.

A vintage page from my favorite Beatrix Potter story, "Mrs. TiggyWinkle" I just love her spunk.

Pictures come from the Etsy shops: Gigglesnortsociety, Asecinc, Polarity and The Vintage Read. I have to say I love Etsy I just wish I could afford to buy more things from it.

Historical Fashion Drawing

I like to pretend that I’m good a drawing.

From top: Home Course in Fashion Art (1939); Russell's Standard Fashions: 1915-1919; 20th Century Fashion; Fashion Drawings and Illustrations From "Harper's Bazar" (Erte); Fashion Drawing in Vogue

But I’m not very good a drawing most things. It’s still one of those things I like doing. Mostly my drawings are of clothes, historical clothes. Because I like to do this I’ve been trying to amass a good deal of books on historical clothing.

Some fashion drawings in "Home Course in Fashion Art". I think that the previous owner of this book colored in illustrations.

This is one that I found at an antique store when I was out shopping with Anne. It was one of those things that I found and I had to get, because where else would you get a 1930s fashion drawing book? It’s by no means the best, but it does have some interesting tips. This is one of those books that I think have gained a personality over the years.

Two of my favorite covers that Erte did for Harper's Bazaar.

Ah, Erté. I was introduced to him by my mom, who studied fashion and textile design when she was in college. This is a really nice book that I was given for Christmas 2009, and it’s filled with his fashion drawings and Harper’s Bazaar covers. The covers mostly date in the 1930s, but the fashions run from 1917 through the 1920s. My mom also owns a smaller book with plates of costumes Erté designed for productions like Folies-Bergère.

One of my favorite pages in "Fashion Drawing in Vogue".

My newest fashion drawing book Fashion Drawing in Vogue. I saw this book and knew that I needed it. I was right about needing it; it’s one of the most beautiful books that I own. I haven’t had much time to read it, but I’ve just looked at the pictures and I love it. It contains drawings from the early 1920s to the 1980s, but focuses more on the Vogue fashion drawings from 1925 through 1965.

With these books, it’s become less of a “oh, look at that, I wish we could still wear clothes like that” and more of an appreciation and then an understanding that the more I study the fashion of years gone by, I can see how our fashion is being influenced.

My own drawing.

Finally, a drawing I did of a costume that I designed for a play that I have yet to write. It’s somewhat based in early 1920s late ‘Teens dresses, but adapted for a stage.

A Week of Reading

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my ‘fun’ reading.

I can usually read at least a book a month, and I try to keep track of the books that I read in a journal. I was looking at said journal recently and realized between September 2011 and December 2011 I managed to read two books.

My bed side table of books I need to read.

So, I have set a goal for myself this week (specifically Monday the 9th through Monday the 16th): to read three books.

This week's goal books.

So far I’ve been getting there. I managed to finish Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. I saw the movie over the summer (after many years of not seeing it. Funny thing is, the cat, Dragon, is still stuck in my memory), and I wanted to read the book. It wasn’t until this weekend when I went through some books that my brother was getting rid of that I found the book. I finished it in a little over 24 hours. I haven’t read a book that fast for a long time.

I’m currently working on a mystery called Million Dollar Baby. I got it for Christmas and am really enjoying it. It’s one of those books where you come for the mystery but stay for the romance.

My final book I want to finish by Monday is Cat Among the Pigeons, by Agatha Christie. I call myself a mystery novel fanatic, but truth be told, I’ve never read an Agatha Christie novel. Shame.

So, here’s to hoping that next week I can tell you that I managed my goal!

Shelf of books. The far left book is a very old copy of through the looking glass. The second to right book is a funny 1930s romance.