Being a Bossypants

Can you tell what book I’m reading?

Yep! Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I’ve been wanting to read this book since it came out. Mostly because I’ve always identified with Tina Fey. Although I’m probably not as funny as her.


But as I get more into the book, the more I’m affirmed in my identification with Tina Fey. She talks about her child-size Colonial lady outfit. Had one of those. A college relationship with a guy that wanted to keep the relationship a secret. Had a highschool relationship like that. “I think it was closer to the truth that he was just a control freak…” she said. “Control freak” what an appropriate phrase (if you don’t believe me, ask Anne).

Those are just some examples. But let’s look at why I love Tina Fey in a different way. Her success. How many women are as acknowledged in the comedy world as she is? Not very many.  And she doesn’t write/act/whatever the silly dumb female characters. Partly because I believe she doesn’t think that’s what make female characters funny. Just because you’re smart doesn’t make you serious and unfunny. Just like if you like fashion it doesn’t make you dumb (but that’s a whole other megillah).

My love for Tina Fey isn’t something that’s new. It actually started at around 10, when I started watching Saturday Night Live, there was just something about the funny, smart lady doing the satrical news.


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