Rainy Days and Reading Lists

Today is a very dreary day. There is rain and snow and sleet and ice all mixed together creating a glop that no one in their right mind would want to venture out into. The weather today in Iowa convinces even the most optimistic fool that it is better to remain buried under the blankets with hot cocoa and a good book. For those less scholarly leaning a movie would be a good substitute.  Alas for the majority of students today, myself included, bed was not an option and we had to go to class. Now that I am safely tucked underneath my quilt I can contemplate some of the books on my reading list and the movies waiting in the queue. On rainy days I turn to old favorites, with a new friend or two thrown in.

Some of my favorite films contain quirky humor and/or lean toward the genre of children’s. Although I do act mature most of the time, I lean toward the attitude that the young at heart never grow old. As I am not yet twenty I think that I will need to start practicing before I’ll need it.

The first movie that I have on my to watch list is The Red Balloon, a classic foreign film aimed at children, but since I’ve never seen it, college kids as well.

After that comes a childhood favorite of many, but only a recent addition to my list of beloved movies, Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

A movie actually from my childhood is The Princess Bride. I remember when my parents would fast forward when the Rodents of Unusual Size would come on.

Failing an interest in movies I’ll turn to a favorite T.V. series, that of Rosemary and Thyme from the BBC. Two gardeners who solve crimes. They bring a spunk to the genre.


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