Eau Claire

This is my university.

The view from the 7th floor of the humanities building. In the distance you can see a lovely bridge that is the worst to walk over during the winter,.

I’ll admit, when I first started here I thought I had made the wrong choice. It turns out that it wasn’t that way, I may just have been drug down by past events that made me want to get away from Eau Claire. Just this past summer I was still considering transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Madison once my junior year rolled around.

But then fall rolled around, and the first two weeks I thought to myself “this is going to be a long, stressful semester.” and in some ways it was stressful, but it flew by. And that kind of makes me sad, because as stressful as it was, it was by far the best semester I had.

This is the administration building--the oldest building on campus, built in 1916. By far my favorite builing.

And hopefully they just keep getting better.

This semester I got a job working  for the school paper as their staff photographer (work meaning unpaid), I’m taking more journalism classes and hoping that I don’t get nervous writing so many stories this semester, I’m joining organizations (photo and Society of Professional Journalists), and taking a studio photography class.

This is the view from the bridge (I've always wondered if it had a name). It's beautiful, but a cold place to walk.

I’m never going to be home.

But I don’t think I’ll mind, because it’s a great place to be.


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